Have you ever wondered …     

What is the nature of reality?

Who are we?     

Do our thoughts help create the reality we experience?               

Are there tools and techniques we can learn that can help us quiet our minds and find an inner peace?     

Can we choose to create a more compassionate world?

What is consciousness?     

Can we move our awareness to some place outside of our physical body and current time and gather information?     

Are animals sentient?     

Do they know what is going on and do they have emotions?         

Are we all really interconnected at some deep unseen level?

Throughout the ages, many ancient wisdom teachings have answered these questions in their own way for their own time.  

What about now?  

Is it time to re-think and re-conceptualize potential answers within the context of our current shifting paradigm that incorporates our most recent scientific understandings?

If you are intrigued and ready to explore these and other fascinating topics, I invite you to Contact Me (cell phone: 610-905-3718) and schedule a presentation on ZOOM for you and your group of like-minded friends and colleagues.  I will also travel to your venue if you are located within a 1 hour drive of my Mount Bethel, PA home.  Please take a look at my current selection of presentation topics on my Topics page.

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I am delighted to offer Intuitive Readings with my own Wholly Well Oracle Cards on either the phone or via Zoom!

Utilizing my intuitive skills, each Wholly Well Oracle Cards Reading will be a one-on-one meeting where we will discuss the issue(s) in your life that need the most attention and healing.  We will focus on your emotional, psychological, and spiritual development which will enhance the expansion of your consciousness.


We will allow the cards in my Wholly Well Oracle Cards Deck to guide us with divinely inspired messages and suggestions for positive, healthy action steps leading toward your Wholly Well life.

If you would like to schedule your personal Reading, please go to my Readings page.

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Thank you for your pioneering “Seeker” spirit!


My Favorite Presentation Topics

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